The earth soul and its entities

The true nature of plants and people

Author: Amira Meyer
Modern life shows remarkable progress, from education to medicine to technologies. At the same time, environmental degradation and exploitation of nature and its plants are growing. What has happened? Man has lost contact with the Earth Soul and its entities, and thus with himself. With knowledge and practical exercises, the author points out how this healing relationship can be restored.

An old proverb says: “Against every suffering there is a herb.”

Thus, man has known about the power of plants for centuries and continues to harness it today: in medicine, in cooking, and in personal care.

Modern technology, our stressful daily lives, and modern medicine have alienated us from nature.

However, the more challenging we perceive our lives to be, the more we need to connect with nature in order to recover.

To regain our center, to get in touch with our true nature and to be able to evolve. Our current way of life is largely responsible for making us humans and our environment sick.

Die wahre Natur von Pflanzen und MenschenThe true nature of plants and humans© Debra Bernier

Increasing pollution, climate change, and dwindling healthy habitat challenge us to return to a holistic view of phenomena and perceive the messages behind them. Intellectual considerations obviously do not change the ecology deeply enough. A fundamental transformation and reconnection take place beyond our intellect, where intuitive knowledge is found. Intuitive knowledge comes from the soul. We bring about true change when we recognize our soul, its abilities and its purpose.


Tao Science according to Dr. Xiu combines quantum physical knowledge with the ancient Chinese teachings of Shen, Qi, Jing. According to this ancient teaching, subsequently all life is composed of Shen, Qi and Jing. Thus, everything that exists is composed of soul, heart and mind (Shen), energy (Qi) and matter (Jing). “When we understand this teaching as a universal law, we get to the secret of who we really are. (…)

The law of Shen, Qi, Jing is the key to unravel the mysteries surrounding our true purpose, the meaning of our life and our higher abilities (…)”

(Tao Science, p. 29)

Dr. Xiu as a quantum physicist refers to Shen (soul, heart, mind) as information. More specifically, as three aspects of information: soul or spirit as the content of information, the spiritual heart (heart chakra) as the receiver of information, and the mind (consciousness) as the processor of information.

Thus, it gives a scientific definition to the spiritual concepts and entities soul or spirit and embeds the teaching of 5000 years old traditional Chinese medicine, according to which the soul influences the heart, the heart influences the spirit, the spirit influences energy and the energy influences matter (such as blood flow), in a scientific context. According to this, the following (manifestation) process takes place: The heart receives information from the soul, which the spirit (the mind and other levels of consciousness) processes so that it directs the energy in the body accordingly. Energy has the ability to do whatever work is needed in the body, and it directs matter within us. Matter is our physical reality. It is all we can observe and measure. Tao Science refers to matter as a transformer because physical reality is changed by matter.

Die wahre Natur von Pflanzen und MenschenThe True Nature of Plants and Humans© Debra Bernier


The Earth is going through a deep process of transformation. For millions of years, the Earth Soul has had a vision of diverse beings, including elementals and humans, living together peacefully and thus creating together a great abundance, a paradise. The ensouled nature with its entities, the earth, the universe, the source, the divine and our own soul are undoubtedly waiting to guide us humans and to work in cooperation with us in a consciousness of togetherness. It is indeed our true nature to relate on the soul level with nature and all beings, for the benefit of all involved.

Behind all the visible processes of nature, countless subtle entities are infinitely at work. They are the souls that have accompanied our human evolution since the beginning of creation from an invisible, parallel world.

Die wahre Natur von Pflanzen und Menschen

These elemental beings, nature beings or nature spirits are not visible to most people, but can certainly be experienced.

The true nature of plants and humans© Debra Bernier

Marko Pogačnik writes in his book Elemental Beings – Encounter with the Earth Soul (p. 13): “(They) have (…) a consciousness that is located on the emotional level (…) and not on the mental, as is the case with humans. Consequently, they cannot be reached by us in a mental way, but only through an emotional connection.” So if we open our heart, we can recognize or feel them. However they show themselves to us, contact with them is a deeply enriching experience.

Relax so you can feel yourself. Start by noticing your body and mind, your thoughts and feelings. And then feel your heart and soul. Now consciously connect with your soul:

My dear soul, I love you! I love you! I love you! I cannot yet perceive you well, but I send you my greatest love and my thanks. For you are my imperishable essence. You already have a long journey behind you and carry so much experience, wisdom, potential and the information about my soul tasks.

Die wahre Natur von Pflanzen und MenschenThe true nature of plants and humans© Debra Bernier

Please open my heart wider so that I can perceive your presence. Or:

Please show yourself to me in my meditation. Or:

Please express yourself in my thoughts, feelings, movements … in my dance … Or:

Please guide and direct me with your positive information, with your love, your compassion … in all my thoughts, words and actions. Or:

Please show me in my meditation, what soul tasks I have in this life.

Thank you.

The author Amira Meyer

Die Autorin Amira MeyerAmira Meyer is a certified Master Teacher & Practitioner and Soul Communicator of the Tao AcademyTM as well as author of the book “Nature Speaks”. In seminars and individual sessions, she empowers people to attain higher consciousness and supports them in their self-healing process through energetic light transmissions.

To the photosDie Künstlerin Debra Bernier

Debra Bernieris a Canadian artist who creates sculptures from driftwood and other natural materials. Her art tells of the sacred connection between humans and nature and is an expression of the soulfulness she perceives in nature. With “Shaping Spirit Sculptures,” she hopes to inspire us to discover the great wonders in the small things.

This article appeared originally on the German Homepage of Tattva Viveka: Die Erdseele und ihre Wesenheiten

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