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Author: Christiane Krieg

Category: Paganism, Twelfthtide

Issue: No. 97

For centuries, the twelve nights between December 24 and Epiphany on January 6 have been attributed with a special magic. They are known as the Twelfthtides. This time on the threshold of the new year invites reflection and inner contemplation. Shamanic practitioner and author Christiane Krieg sheds light on their significance and how these days can be used and shaped in a meaningful way.

It’s almost time: we are entering the new year and leaving the old one behind. We may still be a little uncertain as we stand on the threshold of the transition, not knowing what the coming time will bring. And the mind would like to know everything and fall back on experience in order to feel safe. Our soul connection, on the other hand, allows us to remain in trust.

For many centuries, this time around the turn of the year has also been used for oracles and for divination, as well as for letting go of burdens and welcoming the new. The turn of the year brings with it an excitement and anticipation that we should embrace with childlike curiosity and ease. We can look at what we don’t want to take with us into the new year and what can be changed. Looking to the future also raises the question of our heart’s vision, happiness in life and our (future) goals.

Many customs are associated with the contemplative Christmas period. The Twelfthtide in particular, from December 24 to Epiphany on January 6, are now experiencing a great deal of hype. Many people use the twelve magical nights to place their wishes in the fire every day so that they come true in the corresponding month of the coming year.

What makes this time so special and what powers can we use?

It is the brief stopping of the wheel of the year. You can feel that the world and time seem to stand still for a moment. I feel this especially when I walk through enchanted snowy landscapes and everything outside seems more subdued and nature seems to be asleep. After the wheel of the year stands still for a moment – during the darkest time in Europe – it slowly begins to turn again three days after the winter solstice (on December 21). We therefore also celebrate the return of light at Christmas. The day of the winter solstice, after which the nights become shorter again and the days slowly get longer, has always been of great importance to many communities, cultures and religions. This date has been a fundamental part of Christmas history since time immemorial. We can join the energy of the standstill in the annual cycle for a short pause, take a deep breath and look back at the old year and feel our way into the new one in order to welcome it stronger, refreshed and positively cleansed.

Customs and traditions

The twelve nights from Christmas Eve (some begin their calculation as early as the winter solstice) with the corresponding days energetically stand for the preview of the coming months; the first Twelfthtide is assigned to January, the second to February and so on. Everything that appears in the respective Twelfthtides indicates the quality of the assigned month. It is even said that you can tell the weather for the following year from the Twelfthides.

Many people use a diary during this time to reflect on and compare their perceptions and messages in the coming year.

Incense burning is one of the many old traditions around Christmas. Various herbs and resins have always been used to cleanse the house and/or stable of “condensed” (negative) energies. For example, Marian grass, mugwort, juniper and later also frankincense were used to lightly fumigate or consecrate rooms in order to bring in the good and let out bad bad energies and worries/(existential) fears (“evil spirits”). Pagan and Christian traditions and dates now unite and overlap.

Spiritual support

It is said that during these days, which lie outside of time (there were twelve nights/eleven days difference between the solar and lunar calendars), the veil between this world and the world beyond is particularly thin, the gates are wide open. With mindfulness, we can sense the spiritual essence. We can make clearer contact with loved ones on the “other side” and with our spirit team and lift the veil to other dimensions in order to seek advice and support. What we experience in dreams should give us clues about the month in the coming year or help us make decisions on our future path. Anyone who burns wishes and “sends” them to the spiritual world for fulfillment believes in the subtle existence of a higher power and in other planes anyway.


It’s rough outside, the weather is unreal. It is a good idea to go inside and make yourself comfortable in the house by candlelight or by the fire. Stories and experiences of the past months are exchanged and wishes for the coming year are expressed, preferably in the strengthening circle of the community. Work is left to rest.

We can also return to our inner self in a spiritual sense and delve deeper into issues of meaning and life as well as our goals. This time offers the opportunity to transform and strengthen ourselves for what is to come by becoming aware of our own creative power and possibilities again and taking the focus on the positive into our own hands. Without fear of superstition, but with clarity of our own potential and soul plans.

All the best and a wonderful new year!

About the author

Christiane Krieg is an author and psychic coach. She is also a trainer in animal communication and shamanic work.


This article was originally published on the German website: Dein spiritueller Wegweiser durch die Rahnächte

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