The essence of water

A cymatic reflection on water

Author: Atmani
Water is life. The author explains in the article how exactly water is related to life and what role substance and matter play in it. In a cymatic way the reader is led through the creation of life between matter and spirit, towards a science of the living. Religion, science and art are the ideal pillars of this new era.

Water – The Origin of Life

The great oceans of the world cover about two-thirds of the earth’s surface, almost the same ratio of water to solid substances occurs in the human organism, for on average this ratio is 67.8%. All life originates from water. Wherever we find living things today on the solid earth, they carry in their organism the living memory of the time when the sea was the origin of all living things.

As different as the organic constituents are in the cells and body fluids of the various living creatures – both the content and the ratio of salts are strikingly uniform in the body fluids of the various animal species. They correspond developmentally to the salt mixture of the sea in which life evolved. However, differentiation occurs in that potassium is intracellular, sodium is extracellular, and magnesium and calcium also have different functions. The living organism needs first of all the water. In it all substances are dissolved, which the human body needs.

Through water alone also the earth with all its substances, mixtures and forms becomes a whole.

The first suitability of water is therefore for the metabolic process. Both in the human organism and in the earth organism.



If we want to approach water, it is necessary to distinguish matter, substance and life. If one searches for life through today’s natural science, then the starting point is a physics and chemistry. These trace everything that is life back to what we learn in textbooks about matter in molecules and atoms. Also the structure from proton and electron and their charges. From these representations we get “explanation” how the configurations of the molecules become the properties of the matter. From this again they explain “life” and also the human being.

Methodically, this procedure is based on the primacy of matter, i.e. the materialistic world view. If one starts today from physics and chemistry to grasp the life, then this is also because of the fact that we know the physical and chemical phenomena today and one reduces life from this to the known. This is called reductionism. Thus to admit new, unknown things is not easy, because of the narrow view. Thus the essence of life is shifted to another level of existence, where it expresses itself naturally, but does not have its origin.

Eine kymatische Betrachtung über das Wasser



When a person takes in a substance through the mouth, the first thing that happens is that this substance breaks down and then the process of digestion disposes of its inorganic forces. These forces act from the center. In the process of digestion, which I can only hint at here, the discharged substances then switch on to those forces which sustain life. These life forces are exactly opposite to the inorganic forces.

Unser Autor Atmani schreibt über Kymatik

While the inorganic ones act from the center, the life forces act from the circumference of the world, i.e. not from a changing point, but always from the whole circumference.

Thus we have to do with two main movements in all life: First the substances are taken up, then they are released from their inorganic forces and handed over to the etheric forces of formation. At some point these let go again and they are given over anew to the inorganic forces. From the world of plants, for example, it is the bark substance and the wood itself, for in the meantime the substances have received the structures and properties as they are proper to the species of the living being that had absorbed them. The substances are characterized now therefore by the species-own of the imponderable image-force-action as wood.

Our author Atmani writes about cymatic water

The material has not only the task to be taken up and processed by plants, but to be able to serve also for the structure of the animal and finally of the human body.

If we therefore change the view to the fact that the substance is a vessel and the content can be very different, then a first step is done to make the relationship of substance to life possible. The term energy is undifferentiated in this context. Even if today for many technical purposes the concept of energy is justified (ἔργον = deed, action, effect), it is not sufficient in the biological field, and certainly not in the mental or spiritual field. To remark that life and love, but also hate and fear are “energies” is by far not sufficient to grasp them.



Corentin Louis Kervran introduced transmutation of elements into chemistry. Japanese researchers also proved this term in the transformation of elements in experiments. Thus, Yashuhiro Iwamura gave a lecture at a specialized conference on nuclear physics in Marseilles (2005). It is transmutation that shook a fundamental way of thinking about chemistry, which is that the same substances always come out of a reaction that went into it. Applied to the biochemistry of organisms, then, the old way of thinking expects that a completely balanced metabolism will always come out of a reaction.

But already a simple example shows that we still have most things to discover: If one wants a reaction of  an atom of nitrogen with an atom of oxygen (with the pure starting materials) in vitro, this is only possible at very high temperature and high pressure. All the while living organisms can do the same at room temperature! For this, as well as for several other examples, biochemists have no explanation. Einstein, de Broglie and other great scientists held the view related to relativity:

“We must free ourselves here, as everywhere in the science, from old-rooted, often only thoughtlessly taken over prejudices”.

Vom Wesen des Wassers

A cymatic reflection on water

If, for example, a plant enriches an element, the plant has presumably absorbed the element from the soil. It does not even verify the experiment, which shows that new substances start to exist and others disappear (various experiments in France, Russia, Romania, etc.). To understand transmutation, one needs some basic knowledge. All atoms of the same element have an identical number of protons and electrons. Because an atom is normally electrically neutral. But the number of neutrons in a nucleus can be different. It has the same mass as a proton. Atoms that have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons are called isotopes.



It is essential to note that other substances always belong to it. Pure water is therefore itself the basic condition. It is so that together with other substances a multiplicity of life forms can develop. From this realization it is comprehensible that the supply (“supplementing” of food) of amino acids, crystal sugar and synthetic products is not a supply of life for the human being. But that’s because these molecules are only vessels for something, but in practice they are “empty”. So, in this case, the force intaken, is that of the inorganic, that is, the dead force. The ‘energy’ of this dead force is opposite to the energy of life that is taken in a salad (if it has been grown organically).

Eine kymatische Betrachtung über das Wasser

So let’s summarize cymatic essence of water:

There is a main misunderstanding in the conception of life in explaining it only from earthly substances and their regularities. Thereby the essential forces, which come from the cosmos and are active in all life (plant, animal, human), are either neglected or calculated and judged under the ponderabilities of the earth laws. Where we are now based on this view, can be seen just in relation to agriculture and its handling of water everywhere. (The drought in California, the drying up of the Aral Sea, and many more). A fundamental rethinking must begin, if we do not want to take away our basis of life. Because the continuation of this kind of agriculture (especially the extensive drilling for groundwater in several hundred meters depth) destroys the life organism of our earth.

Water of Life
Work through my being
Through my deeds
Substances of Earth
Receive the new power
Cognition of the mankind
Behold, stay still
And think about your aim.
Through my will
my feeling
my thinking
May flow with your grace:
Water of Life.
– Atmani, 14.8.2015


Unser Autor Atmani schreibt über KymatikAbout the author

The artist Atmani works as a composer, painter, author, free researcher and healer. He is intensively engaged with the human voice – it is the center of his long-term work and artistic activity. He studied, among others, composition in Moscow (Tchaikovsky Conservatory), has a Waldorf teacher diploma and gives various trainings. (School of Voice Purification, Healer Training: Anthropofonetics, Healing Singer, School of Movement: Logos-Gradualis, artistically extended Waldorf education (Orphic-Musical Education)). Atmani founded the “House of Singing” in 2000 as an artistic and scientific research center in Hirschhorn. And he is the initiator of the World Cymatic Congress and the School of Cymatic.


This article appeared originally on the German Homepage of Tattva Viveka: Vom Wesen des Wassers


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