Who we are

Tattva Viveka is a journal, an outlet, that combines science in its rational and spirituality in its creative form. Spirituality is a form of knowledge and consciousness that is not intellectual but still holistic. Spirituality is not mode that takes place in thinking alone. The modus operandi of Spirituality encompasses all areas of being: the body, feelings, sexuality, passion, thinking and the spiritual dimension.


We live in times of change. Technological progress and globalization are bringing about a change in the social and psychological behaviour of human beings as well.


There is upheaval all around the globe and it seems the world is spinning faster and faster.


We are getting to know foreign cultures more and more closely and are mixing with them. Religions no longer exist apart from one another, but are confronted with each other.


Tattva Viveka is a modern journal of the new millennium that integrates all religions and sciences without mixing them.


Each religion, each kind of consciousness, each field of knowledge is an individual discipline, that adds up in the big picture. Tattva Viveka is about to add it up. We want to give to the world, we want to enrich it. And so Tattva Viveka people serve to disseminate knowledge, deepen international understanding, promote dialogue among religions, foster peace and non-violence through communication.

The earth and humanity are both groaning under the weight of suffering caused by mankind. It is time to understand and reduce this suffering through holistically helping to heal the individual and the collective.


What we do

Basically we are healing the world by channeling all individual aspects of life, all that we know or is known, into a journal, that hopefully inspires people to heal the world themselves. Humanity seems to be moving to a new level of consciousness, less and less characterized by territorial and ideological enemy images, and more and more by the common essence that unites us as humans and as living beings.


Today, it is about playing this symphony. It is no longer about individual instruments and which of them is better or truer, but about the music. It is about how we as humans can live in peace on this planet and realize our true destiny, which undoubtedly has something to do with joy, happiness and love.

In the spiritual view of the soul, it is possible to love creation, to love all people, to love the animals and plants and Mother Earth. So a spiritual person works for the environment and for peace, he explores himself, he maintains loving relationships with other people, he works for life and does not lose himself in fear and anxiety. In this sense, a spiritual way of life is even a political act. Spirituality is lived politics.

Spiritual can be any person, whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, pagan or atheist.

So we keep on shining the light, giving voices to knowledge forgotten, collecting as much as we can of all there is to know and hand it to our readers in hope, that they will be inspired by this knowledge to heal themselves. To heal the world.

The original Tattva Viveka website can be found under this link: Tattva.de