The sound of life

The pure vibration within us

Author: Dr. Eva-Marie Heyde
In the beginning was the sound, not the word or the letter. Sound is the primary felt principle of all being. Feeling comes before thought. We can feel the pure vibration within us, it makes us aware of discords outside and in the world. A spiritual musicologist introduces us to the world of sounds.

Everything vibrates, really everything

The whole universe vibrates, every living being carries its own vibration, every natural element, every supposed matter. Thus in our direct environment already a whole quantity vibrates, which we do not register consciously. Mostly, when it comes to disharmonies, energetic spills from the depth to the surface of our perception. It may be that the computer crashes again, the lamp flickers or the wooden staircase suddenly creaks, which we usually notice with astonishment, but do not always attribute to our own vibration.

If everything vibrates, everything also goes into resonance.

Basically, every living being today is connected to this Qui, this life force; however, in our society we are increasingly moving away from this thinking and this connection. If we go into the depth of our being, of our existence deep within ourselves, then we can consciously connect with this force again and feel our primordial strength. We can then begin to change certain vibrations that disturb us and do not serve our path. A life of constant stress cannot be what it should be: Experiencing lightness and joy.

Der Klang des LebensThe sound of life


In feeling, the crystalline carries the pure form. Certainly for this reason the stone is highly valued as a gemstone. The crystal shows itself as an energetically highly charged conglomerate of particles, whose structures promote clairvoyant abilities and telepathic communication when handled. Thus star peoples could communicate with each other (see Karin Tag, 2012 – The prophecies of the crystal skull Corazon de Luz, Amra Verlag 2009).

Crystals can appear in any conceivable formation. They are not bound to earthly structures and materials.

Die reine Schwingung in uns

In the primordial form we feel, and so deep down we also feel the pure primordial vibration.

The pure vibration within us© Thinkstock

In fact, pure vibration does not exist in nature in natural form. This is quite amazing because, after all, we humanly strive for this purity. This purity of vibration exists only in extraction: the physical acoustics knows this pure vibration as sinusoidal vibration. It is our human mind that prefers the analysis to the smallest detail. Our sensation relies more on global moments, it takes in holistically.

This supports my thesis that we feel in the origin. E ach thought is first preceded by a certain feeling, which then causes us to have that thought. Our feeling is primarily connected with the creative power of the All-One. Accordingly, we divide the brain into the logical analytical left half and the emotional holistic right brain half.

Feeling we do: The vibration is more than only a physical periodic form; it forms itself to the sound, to the tone, to the voice, to the sound, superficially, background, consciously or unconsciously, evaluatively positively or negatively, richly occupied by general and individual associations.


A human being is “not pure” in his nature and in his form; that is why he is a human being, in order to realize that this is exactly what makes him: to be human. That is why he lives as a soul here on earth in the body in duality, because exactly this circumstance makes him feel s p ü r e n . We will not be able to solve the above-mentioned contradiction, but it helps in dealing with performance and fellow human beings to realize this and to strive for a balanced measure of “pure and impure”, a measure that might be different for everyone, but should agree on one point: to feel good. With this, we swing back into lightness and positivity.

AUM = Om

AUM = OmWith music we can do anything: we can heal, and we can destroy.

AUM = Om

With the advent of electronic music in the last century, a shift in listening took place. Now sounds could be produced synthetically, resulting in a variety of new sound formations; as a result, our ears became conditionally accustomed to the unnatural. Something became natural that had previously was previously unnatural. This step culminated in digitalization. Music on CD now sounded so pure, so unnaturally clear, that people began to deliberately “pollute” the recordings, to contaminate them, in order to produce a pleasant listening sensation, as was once the case on analog records and as is the case in concerts. We learned: Background noise is part of being human, of human perception!


Also, certain pieces of music in certain keys may be so memorable to some listeners that the characteristics of the piece are transferred to the key. Or is it the key that prompted the composer to compose in this way and not another?

Musicology, discussed again and again whether a composer wants to say something specific with a certain key or not. Particularly in the area of singing, transpositions are often made depending on the required pitch – in other words, the piece of music is brought to the tonal level that is appropriate for singing. Advocates of key characteristics consider this procedure to be reprehensible.

After all, the intended tonal quality of the piece of music is lost. Furthermore, there are transposing instruments. The musician sees a different notation on the sheet of music than he fingers and plays. Now how does this relate to the said characteristic of a key? For an absolute listener, this is a real challenge in the implementation, since the imagined pitch and thus the tonal quality is already entered for him when reading the music. The problem also exists for him with the transposing chorus. He is constantly torn between his sensation when reading the notes and the actual sound through the transposition.


In the original form, pure vibration exists. This pure great primordial vibration permeates the whole universe. It connects everything with everything.

We can also find this pure primordial vibration in ourselves. Thus science proves there are five different brain waves today. Depending on which state of consciousness a person is in, his brain waves vibrate in different frequency bands; different frequency ranges are assigned to them: Gamma 100-38 Hz, Beta 38-15 Hz, Alpha 14-8 Hz, Theta 7-4 Hz, Delta 3-0.5 Hz. Our consciousness is mostly based on a combination of different brainwaves – “The mixture makes the difference”. I would like to refer to the website, section “Brainwaves Part 1 and Part 2”, from which I took this and the following information on the subject.

Vibration is life Alexander Osokin

The Mind Mirror EEG measures brain waves and displays them. I find it astonishing that regardless of the different performance characteristics of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, most people show a nearly symmetrical course. In my opinion this points to the connection to the universal being and I interpret this as the first superior step from the physical to the bodiless being.

Science discovered delta waves – according to the above mentioned article – last and research is still going on. They are associated among other things with high concentration ability, as well as mystical and transcendental experiences. Furthermore, science observed fusion experiences, the feeling of universal knowledge and the loss of the ego feeling.

Die Autorin Eva-Marie HeydeAbout the author

Dr. Eva-Marie Fabijenna Heyde was born 1957, graduated from university and conservatory. Doctorate in systematic musicology. Author – pianist – music educator. Combining the 3 pillars in the development and implementation of a music school with its own computer-aided teaching concept. Decades of teaching experience. Aspiration: To make professionally complex content accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Currently writing a new book about the connecting communication between the world on this side and the world beyond.


This article appeared originally on the German Homepage  Tattva Viveka: Der Klang des Lebens

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