The life curve

Viktor Schauberger’s discovery of the levitation force

Author: Ronald Engert
Viktor Schauberger is considered one of the most important pioneers of “free energy”. This refers to unknown forms of energy generation which, unlike conventional methods, do not require expensive raw materials that pollute the environment. The free energy arises from the “life curve” – the natural mass movement.

A seer of modern times, the intuitively gifted Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), who worked as a forester in the Austrian high forests, wondered again and again during his observations of nature about inexplicable phenomena such as the high springs springing up on the highest mountain peaks or the stagnant trout in the mountain streams. How could the water get up to these high mountains and then spring out of a rock, alive and bubbling? How did the trout manage to climb upstream over torrential waterfalls and float in them almost weightlessly?

Schauberger, who grew up in a forester’s family in the midst of nature, never let go of these questions. Thanks to his unique nature-loving intuition and his practical mind, he finally discovered the energy that endowed water with buoyancy and levitation forces, and he saw this energy everywhere in nature, in the earth, in plants and animals, and in the organism of man.

Viktor SchaubergerViktor Schauberger

It is the energy of life: the energy, which he recognized in the movement of matter: in the oscillation of the courses of rivers, in the cycloidal spiral space curves of the media earth, water and air, in the forms of organisms.

Significant for Schauberger was the bipolarity of nature, which we can observe in the polar forces of tension and pressure. The nature-correct kind of movement for building processes is based on the predominance of the train principle. If one copies the natural movement correctly, very strong suction forces can be set free with smallest expenditure, which can win “nearly free of charge”, lightning-fast and without environmental pollution immense energy quantities and can be regulated by braking pressure effects. Schauberger called this natural movement the “life curve”.


Apart from his intuitive, seer-like talent already mentioned, Schauberger refers to the knowledge of “the ancients”. Here he refers several times to the old Germanic nature religion, which remained alive in the German and northern European area with the inhabitants of remote areas still into our century and was lost only after the Second World War more and more. Schauberger himself comes from Plöckenstein. He reports that this people, who lived around the Plöckenstein Lake in the Bavarian Forest at the intersection of three borders, had still preserved much of the traditional primordial knowledge about the correct way of moving in their customs and traditions.

Viktor Schaubergers Entdeckung der LevitationskraftViktor Schauberger’s discovery of the levitation energy © Hyemehosts Storm, Lightningboldt, Ballantine Books, New York 1994

In addition to these regional sources, some of which still exist, Schauberger also refers to mythological or prehistoric statements. He assumes that the old prehistoric cultures (which are older than the Greek) were still in possession of this knowledge. Thus he mentions e.g. several times the Tabula smaragdina of Hermes Trismegistos, an old Egyptian wise man. This tabula, according to his opinion, describes the nature-correct method: “Mix the materials of the sky and the earth nature-correctly, because then you will be happy all your life.”

It mentions the legendary Atlantis as well. Also the Grail and the Gulla, that “mysterious vessel in which every liquid, be it water, milk, etc., keeps itself fresh and alive.”

A new type of thinking is indispensable if mankind is to live on and develop higher.
– A. Einstein



Schauberger also relates the type of movement he observed in nature directly to the sphere of the mind. Thus he takes into account his holistic approach, which is able to see analogous principles on all levels of reality. Schauberger even sees in mind activity the main cause of the existing bad conditions.

“In order to get to the bottom of the last root cause and to be able to actually grasp and eradicate the present evil at the root, it is necessary to deal more closely with the nature and origin of the mind, but in particular with the positive formation of thoughts.

Mind, considered as a whole, is the product of intuition and thought formation.

From a purely technical point of view, thought is energized pressure. Intuition, from the same point of view, energized pull.”

Here Schauberger distinguishes between thought and intuition. While thought belongs to the pressure principle, intuition represents a form of attraction. Thought is an active, analyzing and determining process that acts on its object. Intuition is receptive, synthesizing and mimetic (resembling, adapting), and aligns itself with the object. The expression “positive thought formation” indicates that Schauberger assigns thoughts to the positive, masculine, decomposing force. Analogously, intuition is the negative, female, constructive force.


Ronald EngertAbout the author

Ronald Engert, born 1961. studied German, Romance languages and literature, and philosophy, later Indology and Religious Studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/M. co-founded the journal Tattva Viveka in 1994, and has been publisher and editor-in-chief since 1996. 2017 Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies at Humboldt University Berlin. Author of “Good That I Exist. Diary of a Recovery” and “The Absolute Place. Philosophy of the Subject.”



This article appeared originally on the German Homepage of Tattva Viveka: Die Lebenskurve

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