Transcendent Dreaming


»The only adventure worth living for the modern human being can only be found within.«
– Carl Gustav Jung


»The Heart«

I’m fighting actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, armed with a knife. It’s an exhausting fight and I don’t think I can win. But I suddenly realise I am dreaming and let it sting. He drills his knife deeper into my heart. I allow it, although it hurts. Arnold becomes less powerful and then unconscious. Before he falls, I catch him. His body disappears completely. I only hold his clothes in my arms and wake up.

Since the symbol of Arnold Schwarzenegger has disappeared into thin air, my heart feels less strained and cramped. In transcendent dreams, I release blockages or cramps as soon as I learn to trust the figures. I must always remember that the knife, my dream body and the other person are an illusion. So I let the knife enter my body – but consider the whole thing as an operational intervention, just like the next two dream examples show:


 »Acupuncture needles«

In front of my bed stands a glass box in which a transparent woman is imprisoned, as if she was to remain separated from me. As I relax, the glass box disappears. The woman flies towards me and disappears into me. She relaxes me inside. Suddenly a man with acupuncture needles appears. He sticks three needles in my chest and holds several large needles ready. I know that he will hurt me now. I relax and he drills a large nail deep into my upper left inner thigh. It hurts a lot, but a warm wonderful energy flows through me.

This small selection from my dreams says something extraordinary about my own dream self. That it is immortal, no matter how often it threatens to die in the dream.


When we encounter our own immortality in our nightmares, new dimensions open up for the alleviation of inner suffering and the alleviation of anxiety.

If the dream-ego is not only immortal, but also infinite, we can overcome every fear and every suffering (while dreaming).

The key to this transforming dreaming work is the „initiatory“ death in the dream. Similar to the shamanic rites of ancient cultures and the wisdom teachings of native people. With the „initiatory“ death in the dream we can not only overcome our fears and blockades, we also perceive the subtle levels of our mind in sleep. So we can look behind the curtain of our own ego. There the spiritual and mystical powers reveal themselves to us in order to recognise who we really are.


Where we are active, we become passive, and where we are passive, we become active.

The inability to change perspective is psychiatrically defined as delusion. That is why there is so much madness in nightmares. This delusion, which is inherent in all of us, must be gradually invalidated. The active-passive rule is useful for this. How to apply it is simple: When waking up after a nightmare, we ask for it to repeat itself as we fall asleep, so that we can become aware of dreaming and apply the active-passive rule. Don’t be afraid! Repeating a nightmare or trauma in your sleep is easy and not as bad. Because we know we can free ourselves from it forever.

We must not forget that our unconscious always means well with us, no matter if it confronts us with pain, suffering, disgust, thirst or hunger. It is our personal protective mechanisms that want to protect us from dying. The unconscious (our nature within ourselves) reminds us to stay alive and to keep it alive: The same applies to nightmares and traumas. All challenges and problems we encounter in our dreams are deeply human. Much more human than we might think. So you can repeat every nightmare for yourself when you wake up, to overcome the deep fears and worries of the past.

Instructions: After the nightmare in which, for example, a dragon hunts you, you simply remain calm in bed with closed eyes and ask the unconscious to repeat this last dream. In the active imagination of Carl Gustav Jung we introduce ourselves to him with closed eyes in all details. We let the nightmare play again with the dragon in front of our inner eye – and actively remember its sequence.

If you fall asleep again, there is a high probability that the nightmare will be repeated. We can directly expose the nightmare as a nightmare.

The (shallow) pain under water is therefore healing. On the journey I was able to mobilise my healing powers in the element of water at the latest as sharks, piranhas or orcas bit me. Besides, I could free myself from physical complaints or symptoms, because the unconscious wants to bring all (negative) energies into balance.

In a dream before that a ghost woman appeared to me who looked at me relaxed. She had tattooed all acupuncture points and meridian lines in bluish color on the left side of her body – from head to toe. The traditional Chinese medicine knows that the treatment of the points and lines is healing for body and psyche. For the acupuncture needles here stands the bite of the sharks. A reason to be happy when I meet them. A day later this transcendent dreaming came, in which the element of water plays itself more strongly into the foreground and reveals to me a piece of the chakra system:

»Rotating Wheels«

We’re in a skyscraper. The people are being prepared for a flood that we see coming on the horizon. Everything is flooded. In the middle of my chest someone is turning an invisible wheel, as if a machine with the corresponding noises was about to start. Another wheel is cranked between my eyes.

The connections between the chakras (energy centres) in the body become clearer. After I gave myself more and more to the prevailing „negative“ forces in the element of water, my mentors could gradually access my chakra system, over which I consciously have no influence at all.

Thus transcendent dreaming does not only hold the possibility of overcoming fears and traumas in sleep, in order to go through life more easily. It also shows that behind the death of the self in dreams there hide other mystical levels, which we are rarely aware of in reality. In the second part of the article I will deal with the spiritual center in the dream. There the „temporary“ death not only further mystical and already known spiritual phenomena (the four elements, third eye, auras etc.), but also the luminous and individual-religious phenomena (prayer, buddha seat, Jesus etc.) happen to me.

Although I am not religious and believing and as a scientifically thinking person did not strive for this knowledge, it was nevertheless granted to me. My ego-death in a dream shows me my deeply hidden, religious connection and lets me begin the journey to the origin of my being in my sleep.

About the author

Der Autor Bartosz WernerBartosz Werner works as a director, author, dramaturge and lecturer for direction, conception and film dramaturgy at various technical colleges and media academies. In 2016 he published his dramaturgy book „So get your script under control“. In 2019 his non-fiction book „Transzendentes Träumen“ was published, which led him to spiritual and mystical dimensions of his being, hidden behind the curtain of his ego.


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This article appeared originally in the German Issue of Tattva Viveka No. 81: Transzendentes Träumen

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