Goddesses in the cycle of the year

The spiritual tradition of the Teutons and Celts

Author: Sophie Maria Anna Elisabeth Baroness von Wellendorff
Category: Pagans/Celts/Germanic tribes
Issue No: 94

Our ancestors honored the reflection of nature with their goddesses with rituals, ceremonies and festivals. These are presented here in the perpetual change of their own life stages. Through the personal rituals, man becomes aware and recognizes his development.

To glorify the life in the rhythm of the forces of nature and their goddesses connects the human being with the realization of consciousness and the self-realization of being. It is the invisible powers that support our spiritual intentions and mental directions in the ever-recurring cycle of living and dying, becoming and passing away, growing and letting go, breathing in and breathing out, doing and being, day and night. In doing so, the twelve months with the eight annual cycle festivals of the Celts and Germanic tribes – four sun festivals and four moon festivals – give us the support and strength to be inseparably connected with the annual wheel and the wheel of life.

“The rhythm of nature, the connection with the goddesses, and the celebration of the annual wheel festivals are the symphony of life.”
The Wheel of Life serves us to connect with the Goddesses at each quality of the month and at each Festival of the Circle of the Year, and to create one’s inner life in the outer life through the ritual of personal questions in all areas of life in the rhythm of the seasons, which is what everyone on this earth has come to do. The Goddesses serve as a reflection to create life in the cycle of the year and to pause with the power of the Goddesses.

“Ritualizing the goddesses through the four lunar festivals and four solar festivals gives man support, strength and guidance for reflection, awareness and development of his being.”
The Celtic and Germanic goddesses in the cycle of the year are all the same goddess who transforms through the cycle of the year due to her process. Depending on the origin, culture, and tradition, the corresponding goddesses, which have the same quality in their meaning, are celebrated. Through the celebration of the goddesses at the annual cycle festivals and their seasons, people’s lives acquire a rhythm of living and creating in harmony with nature.






White goddess, goddess of virgins and maidens, goddess of light, goddess of heaven and goddess of poetry
Seasonal festival – Imbolc, Brigid festival of light, Candlemas, Purification of the Virgin Mary, Marian festival
Northeast, moon festival – waxing crescent moon festival
February 1
Brigid is the Celtic goddess of light, poetry, artists, inspirational spark, healing and blacksmithing. She is the guardian and protector of midwives and those giving birth. Through her firepower, she preserves man with lust for life and bravery. The black and young white goddess Brigid brings us the new life on earth for the festival of light. She awakens us from hibernation with the spark of light of life, so that in invisibility we forge and form the new and fresh under the ice cover. The end of winter is in sight, and the seeds begin to germinate in hiding.

“The silver, gray and airy goddess Perchta of the winter solstice transforms into the young white goddess Brigid on the festival of light Imbolc, where the birth of light takes place.”

Her appreciation takes place on the yearly festival of Imbolc, which is a lunar festival – the crescent moon festival – in the northeast on February 1. The Goddess Brigid supports us in doing the energetic cleansing of body, mind and spirit through the celebration and cleansing all rooms as well as stables of all that is old. Only when the old goes, the new can emerge. After the purification process at Candlemas, the focus is on new visions, desires and plans. It is about connecting with Brigid and beginning to rediscover the spiritual light and unfold the beauty of life. Being a visionary, dreamer, inventor and trusting your intuition. Through this attitude, the seed within us begins to grow so that it can show itself in the spring and the harvest can be reaped later.


Purification, inspiration, revival, renewal, visions, new beginnings and awakenings.

Ritual of personal questions

Are you standing firmly on the ground?

How is the ground now compared to last year?

What can you build on?

What do you want to manifest?

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