Conscious creation

Spirit, soul and information from a quantum physical point of view

Author: Dr. Ulrich Warnke
Category: Physics
Issue No: 70

Quantum physics has long agreed that the mind, in a broader sense, controls and creates matter. The unconscious mind with its feelings and emotions has a large part in this. A “sea of all possibilities” is available to us as an information field to overcome old beliefs such as aging or disease. The author describes how exactly the different aspects interact from a quantum physical point of view.

The phenomenon of consciousness/subconsciousness
Everything we know, everything we think, everything we do comes about with the help of the phenomenon of “awareness” and “consciousness”. There are no things without the consciousness and the thoughts that brought these things about. What we do not know, think, believe – all phenomena of consciousness – does not exist for us. The reality follows the subjective principle of a creating consciousness, which comes from spirit (consciousness) and soul (subconsciousness). This means intrusion of subjectivity into the objective reality, which creates an interpretation shock in the mainstream science until today.

Besides the influence of external energies and information, our body construction and body function is always changed by a consciousness and a subconsciousness:

Effect of will, e.g. to walk, to talk,
Effect of motivation (will of subconscious) to initiate an action, e.g. to get out of bed in the morning,
Effect of sensation (belief) like placebo / nocebo with psychoneuroendocrinology and psychoneuroimmunology.

So how can we characterize consciousness and ‘subconscious’? Consciousness is the consequence of the mode awareness of a ‘being’ controlled by the will to be mindful, causing information to be recognized as such and purposefully fed to the mind (the mind) for processing and storage.

Subconsciousness is the result of ‘being subconscious’ (not using the mode of awareness), which is controlled by motivation and purposefully feeds energetic information (feelings and sensations) to the mind for processing and storage.

From just these two activities, an event is given ‘meaning and significance’ and can be expressed in matter (as e-movere; emotion). Data is received by the subconscious (soul) from an information field; – inspiration ‘feels’ and ‘knows’. Consciousness (mind) transfers it into a verbal or symbolic code – concepts, rules, ‘drawers’.

A general introduction text to quantum physics can be found here.

We talk about spirit – but what is “spirit” anyway? Let’s try a definition based on the latest findings.

Mind recognizes information and processes it purposefully as prompted by will (conscious) and motivation (unconscious). ‘Spirit’ is therefore a servant of the human being. But how does spirit recognize a piece of information? For this it needs compellingly the tools ‘consciousness’ with will and motivation for the selection.





There is a spirit superior to matter, which can be activated consciously

Spirit works through a field. And what is the spirit-field that influences us continuously? Information is received in this field, stored, linked with sense and meaning, intelligently (purposefully) utilized, altogether processed with a consciousness that enables experience. Exactly this ability generates our reality. Furthermore, it also influences matter within us and outside of us, as we will learn in more detail below.

For a detailed description of quantum physics, please see the full article 😉.
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A new doctrine of being is opening up with results of a post-material science. It is about a possibility given to us of a transcendence into this “otherworldly interworld” full of energy and information and thus about an extended level of being; in short, it is about the conscious seeking out of the ‘subconscious’.





Humans have feelings and thus control matter: otherwise, how could we cry.

Why is this worthwhile for us? We can tap knowledge stored there with consciousness arbitrarily and purposefully. We can influence matter in its bonds by retrieving primordial information. We can optimize health. We can stop aging.
A new gate is opened, in the following the principle as a model: thoughts from reason and feelings, corresponding activity of consciousness and subconsciousness, are directly connected with influencing matter masses by energetic information; thoughts could therefore in principle easily influence body matter and other matter. The principle must be partially learned in the extended mode.
Humans have feelings and thus control matter: otherwise, how could we cry. ‘Spirit’ also controls matter at every moment of our daily lives. Otherwise, how could we speak, walk and perform all other motor activities with nothing but our will – a pure mental principle. But natural science categorically excludes the mechanism of direct matter influence from its doctrinal framework.

Want to know exactly how mind controls matter? You can read it in the full article. (Order possibility at the end of the contribution!).

It already sounded above: We must not imagine “particles” as something solid – they are rather informative energy vortices.

Between mass particles information transfer takes place with the help of messenger particles. In the case of electrons, these are the photons and other quanta. In the case of atomic nuclei it are the mesons, in the case of the quarks of the nucleons the gluons. The information transfer results in forces at masses. Forces between masses form matter. Only now space and time arise.

If messenger particles transfer information for forces, what they actually do, then this presupposes that information was recognized as such and this information can now be used purposefully for special constructs.

The built up matter has compared with pure masses, which are always only building blocks of matter, by their special construction new properties which become effective on a higher level as further information with new resonance possibilities and new influencing possibilities. Examples of this are molecular constructs of enzymes, which do effective work on substrates solely through their form/structure/shape. If the form/structure/shape is changed, the effect fails. Already here healing can happen by restoration of the adequate original form.

With this principle of information recognition and processing, among other things, the body of us humans was built. The information recognition and processing can be attributed to the ‘spirit’. We will define ‘mind’ further below. The storage of the experiences with the information recognition and processing can be attributed to the ‘soul’. Therefore, the body is repeatedly mentioned as a vessel of the spirit-soul, whereby we want to add that the spirit-soul is also co-responsible for its construction. (…)





About the author

Ulrich Warnke, born in 1945, studied biology, physics, geography and education. As a long-time lecturer at Saarland University, he held teaching positions in biomedicine, biophysics, environmental medicine, physiological psychology and psychosomatics, preventive biology, and bionics. Since 1989, he has headed the Technical Biomedicine Working Group. He is a founding member of the Society for Technical Biology and Bionics e.V. He retired in 2010 and continues to be a sought-after speaker.

This article has also been published on the German Website: Das metaphorische Herz

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