Has the physicist Burkhard Heim found the “world formula”?

An appreciation of his life’s work

Author: Dipl.-Ing. Klemens J. P. Speer
Category: Physics
Issue No: 78

Burkhard Heim developed a twelve-dimensional physics, in which also immaterial phenomena like structure and information are integrated. His calculations of a unified field theory are extremely complex. Since he lived and worked outside the professional world due to the consequences of a serious accident, he had the freedom to think outside the box. His works are little recognized by the established natural science, because they are open to transcendence.

Burkhard Heim (1925-2001) was already enthusiastic about the starry sky and natural sciences in his childhood, at the age of eight, and wanted to become a rocket scientist. At school, he quickly rubbed his teachers the wrong way. His extensive knowledge of chemistry and physics and his eagerness to experiment were very unusual for his youth.

At the age of ten, he experimented with highly explosive materials such as dynamite and nitroglycerine and was expelled from school at 14. Burkhard Heim wants to become a chemist and studies Otto Hahn and nuclear fission. He then develops plans for a uranium rocket, which he presents to a professor at the Berlin Research Institute. He recognizes his talent and encourages him to take the Abitur. His parents find a school that accepts him, but where he does not feel taken seriously. In addition to his school lessons, which bore him, Burkhard Heim secretly catches up on his high school diploma at the age of 18 at an evening school in order to be able to study. Burkhard Heim, like all high school graduates of this year, is drafted into military service in 1943. In his free time, he worked on an unusual explosive, which brought him into contact with Hermann Göring, who referred the 19-year-old to Werner Heisenberg. Heisenberg talked him out of the idea for the bomb he had developed, claiming that it was technically unfeasible. During one of Heim’s experiments, in 1944, by now head of department at the Chemisch-Technische Reichsanstalt in Berlin, an explosion occurred. Heim lost both hands, his eyesight and his hearing almost completely. After a long stay in hospital and an intensive inner confrontation with the events, he regained a small amount of vision. Two grasping fingers are operated on from the ulna and radius, first on the right arm and later also on the left. With a hearing aid he can hear something. He is operated on more than 25 times in total.

He succeeds in interpreting the great misfortune positively for himself and continues to devote all his life’s energy to his great interest in science.


Heim continues to see a great opportunity in his limited living conditions:

So I have the task to fulfill a certain sense. And that is the sense of my whole existence at all and this sense is to be fulfilled. That is once the essential. And everything that I need for the fulfillment of this meaning, I get anyway. Because if I would not get that, then it would be senseless that I am there at all.





Over the next decades, Heim consistently works privately on further projects in order to realize his “inner mission”: He extends Einstein’s theory by geometrizing all interaction fields. He develops a six-dimensional world description and works on a quantum geometry, a multiple geometry and develops an aspect-related logic. In 1976 he designs a structure-theoretical derivation of a unified mass formula for all elementary particles. He publishes his results in 1978 (at the age of 53) and 1998 (at the age of 73) in two books and in a short summary of both books almost his entire work. At the age of 76 Heim dies of a serious illness.

In the full article you will learn how the six-dimensional world description can capture different aspects of the world and life. Orderable at the end of the article.

According to Heim, the sixth dimension is not yet a step into transcendence, because it contains “number stocks” like all other dimensions. It is for him an energetic, geometrical coordinate, which contains open “information probabilities” (Ludwiger, p. 20), with which he can also calculate geometrically. Evolutionary biologist and consciousness researcher Wilber also points out that evolutionary development (of the whole cosmos) is always directed toward and produces even more complex forms and structures of life. Seen in this light, it seems paradoxical that theoretical physicists still seek the “beauty of a world formula that is as simple as possible” and refuse to engage with Heim’s complex theory.

Summary from: Illobrand von Ludwiger, The New World Picture of the Physicist Burkhard Heim, Immortal in the 6-dimensional World, Verlag Komplett-Media, 2006, Munich/Grünwald. (A recommendable introduction to the physical-mathematical understanding of the world for interested laymen, with an appendix of tables and formulas for experts. With many explanatory quotes directly from Heim on his world view from his lectures given to engineers and physicists).

Thanks to Illobrand von Ludwiger for reviewing this contribution for physical correctness.

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