The abdominal brain

The umbilical cord as a connection of spiritual and material world

Author: Gesu Aftab
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We know the brain in our head, latest scientific findings also speak of a brain in the heart. In this article, Gesu Aftab from India explains the brain in our belly. We are connected to the universe via the umbilical cord, which is thoughtlessly severed at birth. Only when belly, heart and head beat together again in harmony with the universe, we are connected to the oneness we have long been searching for.

Your belly button is a portal that connects you to the original brain.

Gesu Aftab: The most inconspicuous idea we can get is that we have a brain in our guts. The “gut brain,” as the enteric nervous system is called, is a recent discovery. But this brain is merely the tip of the iceberg of a much larger phenomenon. The present human society hardly knows anything about the navel, the “navel energy cord” (Navel Energy Cord) and the intuitive mental (intuitive cerebral) capacity of the original brain.

From my point of view, it is amusing that it has taken the world so long to acknowledge some very obvious things: You don’t need research to know you have a heart or a brain. We live with our heart. We think with our brains. We have knowledge based on our gut feelings. It’s simple. Why do we need to put so much money into research on obvious facts of life? We have a gut and fortunately we now have scientific confirmation of our gut brain. There are millions of neurons there, just like in our central nervous system. The bacteria in our gut regulate our state of mind. Based on current research, doctors all over the world are prescribing probiotics for patients with depression. Probiotics change the emotional state. Why? There are millions and billions of bacteria in the gut. These are small units of consciousness, consciousness on a microscopic level, that contribute to you being a slightly larger consciousness. Billions of us come together to form the consciousness of the earth. Billions of Earth-like entities coming together for a larger unit of consciousness. Imagine what a magnificent system consciousness is! On a deeper level, you are aware that you are destined to be a partner of the universe. Nevertheless, the reality on earth seems far from this magnificent vision. What are you missing? What if your origin was a science that you should have been taught? I am sure you will experience a never-before-experienced cosmic grounding once you know how to be created as a finite being by an infinite nuclear force in the universe, what the navel gate, the navel energy band and the original brain are, how your navel is the ticket to your original brain, and how you work from the unity of belly-heart-head to create your grandest reality. Grounding shows you the right place in the universal lineup. You will be a partner of the universe and not a survivor on earth. Through navel consciousness, Mother Rabia and I provide the fundamental wisdom about the origin of humanity. Let me illustrate this with an example. If I were to ask you where you came from, what would your answer be?






Gesu Aftab: Your belly button is not a scar created by the cutting of the umbilical cord. Rather, it is a portal or gateway that connects us to the navel energy and thus to the original brain. The original brain is the container of universal intelligence or Akashic intelligence. And you as a being are within the original brain and not outside of it.

It is such an incomparable spiritual technology, but we were deprived of this knowledge at the time of our birth. This is because our present conception and birth system is incredibly immature.

Mother Rabia (Maa), the founder of navel consciousness, is a mystic. She discovered it in her spiritual awakening experiences. She was guided to the human navel, which leads to the Navel Energy Cord. The NE cord evolves from the original source of consciousness. Some call it God or give it another name. It connects you, the embodied being, to the original consciousness. There are passing mentions of the Navel Energy Cord in ancient Vedic and Egyptian wisdom writings. Here it is called “The Sacred Thread.” In modern times, this ribbon was seen only by people who experienced near-death or sudden out-of-body experiences. They described it as a silver ribbon that brought them back to their body. We can think of it as a USB cable that connects a plug to a device. It is this ribbon that helps our body stay in its configuration. Otherwise, our body will disintegrate within seconds. Can you plug your cell phone into a high-voltage outlet?

Tattva Viveka: No, you can’t. You have to have a special plug.

GA: Exactly! You need a special connection, the same way we work. You can’t put such a high amount of nuclear energy directly into the human body, because it can’t stand that much energy. He needs a special amount of energy to get the physical three-dimensional vehicle. However, the NE band is not limited to connecting us.

The connection is the most important element. When you look at the universe, you see that it works perfectly. You don’t have to worry about when the sun rises or when winter comes. Every blade of grass is taken care of, unless we are actively working to destroy it, as in global warming. Imagine the intelligence that has produced all this intelligence. And imagine that all this intelligence and all this power is your birthright. The only condition is that this happens gradually because you are in a physical body. This system was created for you with perfect mercy; otherwise you would not be able to maintain your physical body. At the moment, we are using only 10% of our spiritual capacity. However, the time has come for this to change.

We are already born as billionaires in energy, in abundance and in love. But what happens then? Why is the earthly reality so different? We are missing the connection to our original brain.


Gesu Aftab: It happens when we are born. The present birth system of humanity is immature. At birth, the umbilical cord is cut. When it is cut, there is an explosion of consciousness that is destructive: a shock wave hits the navel gate. This removes the umbilical energy cord from its position. Here we experience duality for the first time. Why does a baby cry when it is born? It is not the fear that comes from separation from the womb. In fact, the baby is ready to come. It sends a hormonal signal to the mother’s brain, which then initiates the beginning of the birth process. In fact, after the separation of the umbilical energy cord, the baby cries, it loses the connection. This is the first time you experience separation, which is called duality. This cutting off of the navel energy bond or the original brain is understood as an elemental wound.

Tattva Viveka: Ah, I see. That’s why sometimes we feel like we should do something, but our head tells us otherwise.

GA: Yes, the innate fragmentation causes us to live in fragments instead of a unified being. That’s why we spend our whole lives looking for wholeness. We worship geniuses, but don’t realize that the universe created each individual as a genius. No one should be anything else. Imagine a life full of geniuses.

TV: And can we perhaps say that there is less information in the brain and heart? Can we say that the navel area is the main area?

GA: It’s all working together in harmony. The greatest confusion of the seekers is caused by the spiritual community itself. When anyone tells you that the brain is more important, or the chakras, or the heart, or kundalini, or hara, etc., they are speaking from a place of fragmentation. If I also joined this headless gang, I would say that the navel is the most important area, but all this is total bullshit, nothing is important because the universe does not function in division and hierarchies. The universe functions as a whole, it is completely intelligent. Each part functions as a whole. You can’t compare a tire of a car to its handlebars, or a gear to its exhaust, can you? All of that comes together. Have you ever seen the owner of a Ferrari admiring only his machine or his gear, or only the wheels or the exhaust? No, the owner admires the whole machine, because only when the whole machine is complete is it a Ferrari, there is no Ferrari in parts. That’s how you and I function as a whole, not as parts. When my navel-heart-brain beats in the birth beat and is connected to the navel-energy-band, guided by the original brain, then I am a Ferrari, a conscious Ferrari.



About the author

Gesu Aftab Udumbara is the co-founder of Navel Consciousness. After two near-death experiences and the navel awakening initiation of Mother Rabia, Gesu found her life purpose. She has been channeling Navel Consciousness since she was 19 years old. www.navelconsciousness.com

This article has also been published on the German Website: Das Bauchgehirn

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