Awakening of the Womb

Mayonah A. Bliss


GöttinnenWomb awakening implies that a woman’s womb can be dormant, that there is potential in the womb space that is not yet awakened. I believe that this is the case for most women, and that we don’t even realize it, because we don’t know it any other way. Women don’t even know what potential resides within them – until the moment it awakens and new horizons open up, or at least until a longing for it awakens!

The potential in the womb of the woman sleeps – and it is not surprising that many women often experience themselves separated from their womb space. We have many years of patriarchal history behind us, in which female sexuality and power was very much suppressed. Only something that is powerful has to be suppressed! How massively it was suppressed shows HOW powerful it is!!!

The womb of the woman is the center of her feminine power.

The womb is the sacred place where creation takes place.

The womb is the place where a new soul is conceived, where life grows and is born from.

The womb is the place where women are connected to the earth and the whole cosmos through the womb.

In the womb is a gateway to other space-time dimensions, a dream space.

In the womb is stored all the ancient knowledge of women, the heritage of ancestors – their pain as well as their power.

In the womb is the source of abundance, from it springs the stream of pleasure, a giving away, an outpouring – of laughter, joy of life and creativity.


The importance and centrality of the womb as the center of female power can be seen in many ancient cultures:


In our European culture,

there is the ancient Celtic goddess Sheela-na-gig who
with her womb open, laughing broadly. In early Christian times she was found
who entered the church, stroked his hand along her yoni and blessed himself with it…

Göttin Shila Na-GigGoddess Shila Na-Gig

The goddess Baubo, who appears in Greek myths, also belongs to our culture. Baubo consists only of a torso, her breasts are her eyes and her yoni is her mouth. With her yoni she told funny stories, made jokes and thus made the complaining Demeter laugh again and thus the land blossom again – what a symbol for the power of a happy yoni!!!

Göttin Baubo

Goddess Baubo

In Native American culture,

there is the ancient medicine tool, the wedding basket. The wedding basket symbolizes the womb space of the woman. In the ancient teachings of this culture, the knowledge is passed on about which spaces of consciousness are in the woman’s womb and how she can activate these spaces. Womb cleansing ceremonies are taught, as well as a conscious approach to the power of menstruation. The wedding basket supports the woman to connect more deeply with the power of the womb and to awaken the “spiritwhomb”.

In ancient Indian Tantric culture, yonipujas were performed – worship rituals for the spiritual power of the yoni. Yoni is Sanskrit and means “sacred place.” In the heyday of Tantric culture, it was the initiated Tantrikas who revealed their shakti power with their yoni open and were worshipped in it. Later, it was images of them cast in stone or bronze.

The ancient rishis of Indian culture also wrote down their knowledge of the potential of the female womb. Here, in the depiction of the “whomb-chakra”, we also find the knowledge of different fields of consciousness in the woman’s womb. In the “womb-chakra-process” a woman can activate these fields by means of mantras and thus awaken the sleeping potential in her womb.

All these examples show how highly the female center was honored and valued, how much consciousness existed around the womb space – the space of the female mystery.


GöttinnenFrom left to right: nursing Isis, Egypt, 306-30 B.C.; idol with hands on breasts, Palestine/Israel, ca. 1500-1300 B.C.; Spike Madonna, 1576, MAHF 7978; idol with twins at breast, Palestine/Israel, ca.1300-1200 B.C.; Unknown, shrine Madonna, ca. 1360, MAHF D 2006-580;
Goddess with child (Tanit?), Phoenicia, 5th century BC.

When woman is awake in her womb, she shines in her potential, she stands in her power and in her juice!

Such a woman does not fit into the structures of patriarchy. So, in order to establish patriarchy and the supremacy of the man, this power center had to be suppressed, hurt or even destroyed. This happened in many forms and on many levels:

  • The church imposed sin on sexuality and participated in separating sex, love and spirituality. Shame and guilt arose.
  • Wise women in the Middle Ages were sexually abused in rows, raped and burned or hanged.
  • Chastity belts were made and women were constricted and locked in them!
  • Various cultures invented genital mutilation and sold it as an initiation ritual to womanhood. To this day, 6000 girls are still mutilated every day!
  • Women were put behind veils and tied to the house in Arab countries. If today a woman is suspected to have pursued the love lust to another man, she threatens the death by stoning!
  • Female sexuality was packed into the marriage and regarded as property of the man. Until a few years ago, marital rape was still allowed!
  • Mass rape during wars is means of war to weaken a nation!
    What happened throughout history and what is still happening in terms of violence against women and female sexuality is in the cells. We are ONE body. Women are all part of one collective female body.

Keeping this in mind, it is not surprising that women have closed their wombs, separated themselves from it – to not feel all this pain.

The womb is the place that has been most violated in the female collective.



From left to right: workshop of Claude Frechot, Protective Mantle Mary, c. 1645, MAHF 1997-058; Female idol from the Dead Sea area, Jordan, c. 3000 BC; Mycenaean idol, c. 1400-1300 BC; Statue of an Egyptian wailing woman, c. 2000 BC;
Burgundian sculptor, Mary with child, 15th c., MAHF 735

How does this manifest itself among Western women today?

It manifests itself in the form of the abdominal complaints from which many women suffer:
Lower abdominal infections, uterine (neck) cancer, fibroids, menstrual pain, etc.
All this is an expression of the fact that the shadow of the female collective is still unredeemed, that women are not at home in their womb and do not live the feminine potential from it.
On a more subtle level, a wounded or sleeping womb makes itself felt in the following ways:
diffuse self-esteem, identification with victimhood, sense of separateness,
little knowledge of one’s own (sexual) desires and longings, inability to set clear boundaries, lack of spiritual depth in sexuality. For many women, this is their reality of life. A woman’s life in the shadow of the female collective.

But now is the time to bring light into the shadows. Light is awareness.
It is the time to slowly leave the shadows behind, to heal, to awaken!

For this I would like to tell you briefly about my own path. I experienced myself cut off from my womb for a long time, did not feel in it, had no consciousness in it. I had many abdominal infections – which I perceived as a stirring call to look closely and explore: What brings me healing?
What is calling for attention? What longing wants to make itself heard?

An important tool that I have found on the path of healing, of redeeming the body of pain, is the yoni healing massage.

In this massage, the woman has the opportunity to feel herself from the inside in all tranquility. The touches are non-intentional, non-sexual, there is no need to go anywhere – it is about a deep arrival within oneself.
Numb spots can be reawakened, blocked energy can flow. Tears can flow, ice can melt, anger can be discharged, rigidity can be released.
Yoni healing massage is a way to bring femininity into flow,
to find trust in the cells and to dare deeper surrender.

Another tool for transforming the shadow in the female womb space is the womb cleanse. With a womb cleanse, the old karma, the old pain body can gradually dissolve.


There are different womb cleansings:

  • The Taoist one: is a breathing meditation with an inserted yoniei or water bowl in front of the womb. The woman connects with her heart light and lets it flow into her womb with her breath. With each breath, old ballast can flow away into the yoniei or water bowl.
    The Indian Shamanic: is a ceremony with a wedding basket in which the sexual energy is used as a catalyst energy to clear out the shadows in the womb and fill it anew with one’s own sexual energy.
  • The Indian Shamanic: is a wedding basket ceremony in which sexual energy is used as a catalyst energy to clear out the shadows in the womb and fill it anew with one’s own sexual energy.
    The Indian: is a womb chakra process of 108 days in which the power of mantras and the womb yantra are used to dissolve the karma in the womb and activate the fields of consciousness within.
    Once a womb is freed from the legacy of the past – personally and collectively – the feminine potential can blossom, The womb begins to awaken from its slumber. This is how I have experienced it for myself – and this is how I experience it with some of the women I accompany.




How does an awake womb affect a woman’s life?

A woman who awakens in her womb shines in her femininity. She feels deeply connected to Mother Earth, to life, to the source of all being. Feminine knowledge becomes palpable. Her self-worth begins to shine from within. Sexuality gains spiritual depth. Laughter merges into her. She becomes a warming pole in the world, a source of love.

I wish every woman that she can awaken in her womb and that her feminine potential flows into her life and into the world.


This article was originally published on the German Homepage of Tattva Viveka: Erwachen des Schoßes

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