The Goddess in us

Self-talk with the Higher Self from a female perspective

Author: Antonella Zara
This amazing book is a kind of “female” complement to Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God. It is about a woman’s intimate and open conversation in mid-life with her soul, her Higher Self or “Goddess”. At the same time it reflects in many places this constellation of the inner conversation between two significant dimensions of every human being, the Ego and the Higher Self.

Note by Maik Hosang:

The following passages are authorized excerpts from Antonella Zara’s book, The science of Passion. Recently published for the first time in German, it is translated there as “The science of passion”, which, however, does not correspond optimally to the real content, because it is less about passion than about holistic energy or one’s own integral flow in the “divine dimension”.


In my book “The Science of Passion” I write about my personal conversations with my Higher Self. I think that our world is in a difficult state of transition and needs to be changed. And that it depends on the commitment of each individual how fast this happens. It is no use just blaming politics and waiting for it alone to change the current situation. It is the responsibility of each individual to do something in his or her everyday life to ensure that our world is not destroyed by the prevailing greed, but rather evolves and finally transforms into what it should be: a world in balance, where happy and healthy people live.

I think I should explain two things: first, why I refer to my “other self” or “Higher Self” as Goddess and not, as is customary, as God, and second, the book title itself. The name “Goddess” does not refer to the fact that this perception of which I speak is female. […] For those who have difficulty with religious terms, I use the term energies.

The energy that is the origin of everything and all-pervading is both feminine and masculine at the same time.

Everyone may call this energy as it seems most plausible to him, I have chosen “Goddess” in my book. So I want to pay homage to the feminine side of creation, which – between you and me – has not been very honored lately. I am a woman and I love her from the bottom of my heart. Therefore, it seems only natural to me to speak to the “Goddess”. In addition, I am Brazilian and I believe that in my country the feminine forces predominate (without wanting to offend the wonderful and very sensitive men of my country).

I discovered that the Goddess is an energy full of humor, purity, beauty, extreme goodness, irony, incomparable generosity and cheerfulness,

which until today I have only seen in very young children. Getting to know her has changed my life. Every day I try to connect with her.


(Excerpts; the changing speaking roles between Antonella and her inner goddess (her higher self) are not marked here, but you will easily find it out while reading)

You are, according to everything I have understood so far, the divine part in me, what is called soul or goddess or god or ….
Well, I think it’s better if you explain it because, to be honest, I haven’t really understood it myself yet.

I am you.

Is that all you want to say about it?

Isn’t that enough?

You’re making fun of me, little Antonella …

You give me, sorry, but that’s how it is, the ridiculous name of “little Antonella”, but I’m supposed to be the one who makes fun? Alright…

What, you don’t like it? I’ve called you that before because every time I feel your presence inside me, it feels like I’m feeling the energy of a little child. Something pure, smiling …

Why do you insist on giving me a name?

But how can I converse with someone who has no name?

By talking to you.

But … Oh, I don’t know …

Honestly, I’d like this to be a more intimate conversation, for us to talk like two fat girlfriends.

Do you think I have a duty to always answer? If the goddess were like that, she would be chatty and unpleasant. Then it would make no sense that I gave you humans the ability to speak, because then you would have to listen to me all the time. Sometimes I like to be quiet, and if you don’t hear me, it’s because you don’t want to hear my silence. Everything speaks to you, all the time.

And then what may I call you?

Why do you think a name would change anything? You know better than anyone that it would not be good to give me a shape. Sometimes you perceive me as a friend, sometimes as a lover, a father or a mother, or whatever you feel like at that moment.

That’s right. Then I’ll have to give you a hermaphrodite name.

You’re stubborn. But I like it. Antonella, honestly, call me what you like. But either way, I don’t like the idea of having only one name. You on Earth need that to identify yourselves, to know who you are. I don’t need that. I am.


The Soul is a subtle and eternal energy; essentially what you are; it is the actor wrapped in flesh on earth. It is the Higher Self, the invisible guiding wire that sends all the information that the body and mind receive in the form of emotions. If human characters are imperfect beings, within space and time, striving for an Absolute and evolving to a desired perfection, it is because they have all this within them! The soul is the perfect and absolute part of man; the soul is I in and around each of you.

The interesting thing is that all people have always felt that something divine existed, but they always believed that it was something distant and supernatural. It is time to change that and understand it as something that exists, more real and tangible than they ever imagined! God or Goddess or a higher self is within each of you and everyone can communicate with me! Pay close attention to what I am going to repeat to you:

The soul manifests through emotions.

To know how to decode this information that the soul sends, you must be aware that this is not a random process.

It surprised me in a positive way. When I had this strong change of perception – let’s call it “mystical experience,” which is a common term for these unusual experiences –

I laughed and cried with happiness because it was too good to be true.

And it is still much more beautiful than you can imagine, my dear… Life, the Goddess, I am the most incredible thing that you cannot even imagine, because I am the beyond, beyond the beyond. I am quite serious about this. Your souls or I, we are like a child, or rather like several children who play all the time, creating new games. I am happy, I am sad, I am angry, I am romantic, etc., and all this in a period of a few minutes. Everything that exists is born out of my emotion.

Die Göttin in uns


We create disasters?

Of course, and you know it. You think, feel and live unconsciously, and that creates imbalance. Balance comes from science, from consciousness, from me. Listen to me, live me, and everything will change. […] In this case, just as with the power of thoughts, it is about the transformation of vibrational frequencies. In the case of your thoughts, it is very important that you become aware of this process that is taking place within you. You all receive a lot of emotional information every day since you were born and even before that, which your brain processes like a computer. It interprets it and transforms it into positive or negative thoughts. Most of you have not yet understood that you can rearrange this process, that you can reprogram your computer to function in accordance with your own needs.

The moment you begin to deal with these things, you will discover your own intrinsic nature – just as a seed has it within itself. You discover something that you must experience or do in order to realize yourself. Just as the seed must open to become a plant and nourish life. Yes, because the moment you transform into yourselves, you feed me, you feed the energy of life, and thereby you become more alive, more energetic, more full of light yourself – you become more like me. I repeat: the more you develop your awareness and mindfulness, the more you practice the science of passion,

the more you live passionately, the more you will be connected to me and feel me.

Of course, this is a long process and not something you can achieve from one day to the next. Nature has also gone through a long process of evolution to become what it is today. The same is happening with your consciousness. However, there is something that we can call “evolutionary leap”, which is about sudden accelerations in the evolutionary process that have to do with becoming conscious. […] The science of passion still gives you infinite things to discover, life is a great adventure. The essential thing is that you are happy and vibrating at a high level so that we can play and interact together.


About the author

Unsere Autorin Antonella ZaraAntonella Yllana was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1972. She began writing at the age of eight and has never stopped.

Her first book was published in 1997. In 2002 she published “The Science of Passion”, which attracted the attention of Paulo Coelho. Antonella has published a total of eight books. She also writes reflections, poems, songs and translates Tibetan Buddhist teachings.




This article appeared originally on the German Homepage of Tattva Viveka: Die Göttin in uns

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