Paradise now!

The manifesto of the Tattva Viveka team

Authors: The Tattva Team
For 27 years the magazine Tattva Viveka has existed and for 10 years it has been in Berlin, where in the last years a team has emerged that wants to contribute to life with great commitment, joy and ambition. In 2021 we met to talk about our inner motivations and our message to the world. Read here what came out of it.

Portrait von Ronald EngertRon

Ron: Founder, Chief, Allrounder
– young at heart old-68er, sky walker

I burn for inner knowledge and inspiration. With Tattva Viveka I want to present the knowledge of humanity, the connection of everything with everything, the integrated knowledge. It may not be in high demand today, but yes, I want to save the world. It is serious.
I am about truth, about exciting unknown knowledge from all over the world, knowledge from the spiritual traditions of humanity and science, and about mental health for the individual and the community. Life can be so beautiful. We can create peace. We can be happy.
All people are equal, no matter what color, gender, religion or property. In the inner dimension, the connection of the worlds (science and spirituality, as above so below, microcosm and macrocosm) is revealed. Like my co-workers, I want to make the earth a place worth living in, a paradise, and live in harmony with people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.
The spiritual traditions of humanity provide so many valuable answers. I am especially moved by the ancient Indian Vedas and the Jewish Kabbalah. But I also feel connected to indigenous shamanism. I consider spiritual knowledge to be the most effective way to save the world.

Schwarz-Weiß-Porträt von NicoleNicole

Nicole: Head of Social Media
– Free-spirited nomad, in a balancing act between digital and sensory-feeling world

What is Tattva Viveka? Are we a magazine or something more? Tattva Viveka was founded in 1994 as a magazine. But now we are also an academy, podcast, video, social media platform, online symposium. The possibilities are endless. It’s about a message, and that message can be conveyed in different media. We are influencers in the form of a company. We are shaping a lifestyle.
I want to contribute to the healing of the world through themes such as creativity, aliveness, joy, connectedness with the divine, ecology, honesty, integrity, self-knowledge, compassion for all living beings, equality of all living beings, diversity and individuality.
We do not pursue concepts. We deal with all kinds of topics. All people are heard, and each person is seen in his or her individuality. Quality is important to us, we value communication with people. We take you seriously.

Portrait-Foto von AliceAlice

Alice: editing, layout, advertising acquisition
– Earthy flower child with a penchant for the philosophical

For me, Tattva Viveka is a network of many people who have a similar aspiration. It is also part of a larger network that has a desire to make a difference in the way people think and act. We are in a paradigm shift, the world is alive, and we are all connected.
The issue now is to break down the fragmented view of the world. The social and ecological problems come from reductionism and materialism. Our task is to contribute to a living and interconnected worldview. Science and spirituality are aspects of reality and should serve the well-being of the planet and its living beings. By science I mean not only Western academic science, but the sciences and forms of knowledge of different cultures and societies. There is no monopoly on knowledge, insight and truth.
Today we would like to contribute with feeling and understanding to a more harmonious world in abundance.
With Tattva we would like to stand up for Mother Earth and an earth-centered spirituality. All living beings are our brothers and sisters. We should not think and act anthropocentrically, but see ourselves as an integral part of the web of life.
I find it especially beautiful that we have different perspectives and areas of interest in the magazine and in the team. Tattva bears the signature of all of us. I think it’s great to bring that team diversity to Tattva.

Porträt-Foto von BiancaBianca

Bianca: website, newsletter, bookkeeping
– Nerd, likes everything that is logical and practical

I want to work for acceptance, tolerance, diversity and compassion. I think it’s good that Tattva Viveka is trying its hand at other formats, but for me it’s mainly a magazine. Tattva is a magazine that tries to impart knowledge, to challenge self-evident truths and prejudices, to break free from conventions, and to give people something to go on so that they can form their own opinions that are not so biased.
We cover a lot of different topics, but by covering so many, we open up a view of the big picture. This view of the big picture works through the combination of education/knowledge and the spiritual level that opens compassion. Tattva thematically and methodologically combines science and spirituality. This combination is very good for making it more obvious that we should open ourselves to a new way of thinking.

Unsere Redakteurin uns Ayurveda-Spezialistin StefanieStefanie

Stefanie: editing, layout, ad acquisition
– our prudent one with the sunny disposition

Tattva has something challenging for me. It’s different from other media, because it goes into depth. It is of high quality, and that is its unique selling point. It doesn’t just want to entertain, but to stimulate thought.
What do I want to stand up for? I want to show people that there are alternative lifestyles and ways of living. You don’t have to work a 9-to-5 job and hate your job. There are so many ways to think ahead and find your purpose in life, to create your own life without depending on the system or external circumstances. There is more than working, making money and buying. What comes after that, when I have covered my basic needs? What touches my heart or soul? What’s my purpose? This is where the spiritual aspect comes into view, which is what tattva is all about.
I also find the relationship with other people and living beings important. How do I relate to people? How much am I there for others? Do I meet people authentically?
And last but not least: What is the essence from which everything emanates? What is the whole behind it?

Porträt-Foto von FabienneFabienne

Fabienne: layout, social media, video editing
– the youngest in the team, cross-media student with the aesthetic eye

What does Tattva make me feel? I feel diversity, openness and community. Everyone finds space, regardless of age group, gender, origin or religion.
I want to advocate for conservation, species protection, animal welfare, equality, feminism, sustainability, climate protection, sexuality and abuse survivors.

Porträt-Foto von SebastianSebastian

Sebastian: Webmaster
– Artist in sound and vision, oldest employee, does his thing

As the man for the code, he’s been making sure the website runs – and looks good – for a good ten years now. He benevolently supports Tattva’s efforts to bring the two worldview approaches – science and spirituality – together, while he himself is on fire for another approach to explaining the world: poetry. His passion is his art, which he pursues both visually and musically. Sebastian already worked for Tattva from 1998-2000, then still in Darmstadt, and we met again when I, Ron, moved to Berlin with Tattva in 2010. We quickly renewed our collaboration, which is now going so well that we don’t need many words ;).


Hanna: English website, transcription, social media
– idealistic enthusiast with a punk soul

I am committed to change, to improvement (even through deterioration), to learning, to growing and figuring out, to chaos out of order. I am advocating for peace, for love, for sharing, trust, give and take, balance in everything instead of anger, hate, destruction, dislike. These are all legitimate feelings and states, yet in my eyes not to be promoted as much as the former of the list.
I stand up for creativity, innovation, ideas, fun, fun, fun, pleasure and joy, for new ideas, philosophical considerations, thoughts that lead to nothing but exhilaration. Also for rationality, for logic, thoughtful action, witty action, plans, the necessary rigor, discipline and consistency.

Lara ZieherLara

Lara: our next intern is so young and already wants to change the world 😀
She applied to us with this cover letter (isn’t that nice?):

My name is Lara Zieher, I’m 20 years old and I’m currently studying fashion journalism in my fourth semester at BSP Business School in Berlin. Since my mandatory internship is coming up in the fifth semester, I’m looking for a job that has personal meaning for me, fulfills me and through which I can additionally grow and develop.

Over the past few years and to this day, I have become more and more drawn to the spiritual world and the essential dimensions of being. Among my greatest interests in this regard are daily meditation and the study of books of spiritual value, at the moment, for example, especially by Osho. I think it is absolutely important that people find their way back to elementary contents, such as their own individuality, the natural world and a clear consciousness, so that previous social structures can be broken down and a new holistic, harmonious coexistence can be created. During my studies I also became strongly aware that the fashion aspect does not correspond to my passion and that I will orientate myself differently afterwards, probably in the religious or philosophical direction.

While searching, I came across your work and I was – to be honest – totally thrilled right away. It’s just exactly what I want for an upcoming work experience. What you do is perfectly tailored to me as a person and the skills I have learned so far in my studies, such as journalism, editorial management or even public relations and social media work. On top of that, I feel your mission statement and values in every word and would love to help drive positive and healthy developments in the world and support the well-being of all.

Résumé of all:

We strive for the reference to the present and have also the timeless in the view, because “eternal knowledge is always also topical”! With the current references we would like to shape the society positively.
None of us wants Tattva to lose its level of content. We don’t have to change anything to appeal to more people. That is our characteristic, we challenge people with it as well.
We all put ourselves out there. We all resonate very well with each other and complement each other well. It’s important to us that everyone is doing well and can realize themselves. We practice new forms of working, we work with pleasure and find out what does us good and when it does us good. We want to work liberated. That is the goal.
Each of us can work at her/his own rhythm, and still it works. Everyone can take care of themselves and still do something productive and contribute to the greater whole. That feels good. We all want to contribute something to the greater good. We want to live our soul. And we do that, and miraculously it fits. It’s a flow. The tattva is also borne of a greater, divine spirit.
We are creating a new paradigm. We are a lifestyle, we can set standards. We are influencers. We give inspiration, but also reflection.
We are a heterogeneous group, but we are passionate about the same thing. Unity in diversity is authentic and honest.
Paradise now!!!

This article appeared originally on the German Homepage of Tattva Viveka: Paradise now!

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