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Spirits of the Shamans

Author: Christiane Krieg

In a world where we see everything from the perspective of the materially oriented mind, we do not perceive the spiritual world. In this model of life, it is negated that subtle planes exist. Everything that we can see and touch is then our reality. Everything that does not correspond to this does not exist for many people.

It is different with the shamans, the healers and priests of indigenous peoples. They have always communicated with the so-called spirit world, are mediators between this world and the hereafter and work closely with their spirit guide team, which also includes power animals. Spirituality and the belief in a non-visible, subtle plane are as old as we humans and are a matter of course in the worldview of the shamans.
Shamanism and the working out of old, handed down or spiritually worked out rituals is not in itself a religion. The shamans do not see spirituality in a single instance, but in everything that is. They regard their support as a holistic concept and include the body, the mind and the soul. They are not alone in this way of looking at things. Many cultures and traditions have tried to help and heal in this way for thousands of years. A shaman is brought onto his path by calling the spirits. The spiritual team at his side consists of healers, teachers and ascended masters, as well as animal spirits, the power animals! These are nature-spirit beings and closely connected to the earth and its forces. Healers connect with them in rituals and in trance.

Power animals are an important instance of wisdom, strength and guidance in the Otherworlds.

Indigenous healers assume that everything is animate and can therefore also communicate with “everything that is”. They see themselves as part of nature and the animal world, not superior to it or even split off from it. Mother Gaia is seen as a living being and the soul and energy level is also included, so that for them there are different parallel worlds besides the material world.
Animal communication, the interpretation of animal thoughts for owners, which has become popular today, is also said to have its origins in the views of indigenous peoples. Thus, primitive peoples often entered into contact with the spirit of the animals in order to connect with their knowledge or their respective power, for example, to find out where which herds or individual animals were for hunting. Telepathy and extrasensory perception were and are naturally used senses.

Shamans communicate with local spirits, tree and plant souls and can ask them for integration and healing power for those seeking help.

In many areas, the energy medicine of the shamans is used. Many methods such as regression or hypnosis have their origin in this, while shamans access the various inner worlds and information through communication with their spirits and through shamanic journeying, to stored experiences in the subconscious.

Shamanic journeys of consciousness

One’s spirit guide, power animal, the elements, heaven and earth are invoked to connect with all that is and to create a healing space (sacred space) for practising. In the meantime, the so-called “shamanic journeying” is probably practised as the most common western method of experience and communication with the spiritual level. This is also the focus of core shamanism.

These journeys of consciousness – often to the beat of the drum – represent the oldest form of meditation.

An expanded state of consciousness is taken to travel into the shamanic non-ordinary reality and meet supportive animal spirits – in some traditions even via intoxicating plants. This may be coherent for certain indigenous people who practised this for many generations, but for everyone else – in my opinion – it holds dangers and is unnecessary. Just the certain rhythm of a drum or rattle, meditation music and the practice of centring are enough to reach an expanded state of consciousness, also because the vibration and consciousness of many highly sensitive people have changed overall in the meantime. Some people take a cup of ceremonial cocoa for certain rituals and feel the heart-opening effect. Because of these special experiences, a shamanic traveller should be mentally stable, for these worlds present themselves to us – with all super-senses – very real.
With the beat of the drum or another instrument, the shamanic traveller enters the desired theta wave range to reach another perception. This shamanic inner or parallel world, in which communication takes place with spirits, helpers and nature beings, is also called the Otherworld, Dreamtime or the Non-Everyday Reality – depending on the region and tradition. This Otherworld consists of three levels, the lower, the middle and the upper world. The lower level has nothing in common with the Christian view of hell or an underworld. The worlds only indicate the level of the planes, the respective vibration and which beings can be found here.
The power animals, as well as other natural beings, are mostly found in the middle and lower worlds. These show a very original, partly wild natural landscape. The traveller finds access to the lower world through a hole in the ground, a tree root or something similar, which leads him deep – often spirally – into the earth’s interior. Before the shamanic journey, one states a goal, just as every meditation usually has a purpose. In the upper Otherworld we find very high vibrational, ethereal beings such as ascended masters, angels, high councillors and access to the Akashic Chronicle, the omniscient world library. The traveller gets there by ascending, climbing or flying.
The middle world is most similar to ours, except that here we can find the reality that is often hidden from us in reality, and we can also find objects that have disappeared. In the middle world, travellers speak with the forces of the elements, with plant souls, elves and other forest and nature beings. The upper plane looks crystalline or shows itself in very bright, white or even silvery tones. In the lower world, on the other hand, one encounters primitive peoples and healers.

In the opinion of the shamans, everything that is experienced here also has effects (correspondences) on people in everyday reality.

According to the motto: as within, so without.

These three worlds also stand for the subconscious, the everyday consciousness and the superconscious.

Thus, in the lower world, the traveller can find beliefs stored deep in the subconscious – for example, in found soul chambers – and transform them for the person seeking advice, who often cannot remember certain experiences that have hindered them since their occurrence. The shaman is also accompanied by his power animal and other supporting spirits.

Meaning and tasks of the animal soul companions

The own power animal is – during the shamanic journeys – the most important ally and protector. The shaman only makes a journey of consciousness together with his animal spirit guide. Therefore, the first journey leads to the protected power place in order to meet it there or to set out from there for the first encounter with his animal. Only those who are expressly allowed in have access to their own place of power in the Otherworld. It is also possible to meet the power animal in a guided meditation.
The tasks of this soul companion are the protection of the life energy and the reliable navigation through the Otherworlds during the healing soul journeys for the shamanic practitioner. In addition, it also has an important meaning in our chosen life path. If you take a close look at the respective animal, this shows well with which characteristics and powers it supports you in the unfolding of your potential. It is also possible to recognise a lot about the vocation or the learning tasks, and conclusions can be drawn about previous incarnations and ancestral knowledge. Thus, the power animal wolf sharpens your instincts, you recognise your inner teacher, moreover, the wolf indicates a strong intuitive power and stands for your own need for freedom in the social structure. It shows its big heart and a lot of understanding for others.

The power animal is part of the spirit guide team and opens the access to the subtle other worlds.

Shamans assume that every human being has a power animal by his or her side from birth, sometimes even two fixed totem animals, which are supposed to keep us healthy and accompany us physically on the one hand and emotionally on the other. These guardian animal spirits stand for complementary, supportive forces for us and yet also have their very own essence and even a proper name that we can ask for. If several people have the same archetypal power animal, then the individual animal at our side is nevertheless once again individual in its destiny and expression, just like us or our life path. One experiences this very well in the ever-deepening connection with one’s animal spirit.
Often we have a special relationship to an animal species from childhood. This could already be an indication of our power animal. We should remain open and curious in our search for our guardian spirit. What our mind rejects may be just right for our soul. If we are sceptical about the animal at the first encounter or our perception, access and communication may be denied for the time being. Every animal, whether large or small, brings important powers and talents with it and can support us with these. Let us first take a closer look at the animal, feel the connection and enter into an open exchange.

The animal spirit of a power animal usually shows itself in wild animal form. It is also possible that it shows itself as a pet or even as a mythical creature such as a dragon, unicorn or phoenix.

For me, meeting your power animal is like the feeling of “coming home”. This shows how connected we are on the soul level with our companion. The more we open ourselves to it and gratefully accept its help, the better it can work with and for us. We can seek the advice of our power animal and ask for signs in everyday reality when we are uncertain about a fork in the road in life or desperately need proof of its presence.

Helper power animals

A power animal can also show us life from a different perspective in order to broaden horizons and thoughts. In this way, shamanic travellers can connect with the animal spirit, become one with it and let the body and the eyes of the guardian spirit show them the environment in the non-ordinary reality and in their habitat. This is an incredibly exciting and enriching experience. Shamans have often connected with their own animal spirit in trance-like dances in order to merge with their powers.
In addition to the main power animal, also called the totem animal, which accompanies us from the beginning, there are also helper power animals. These can be animal spirit beings that are only present at our side for a certain phase of life and learning in order to support us during this time. They bring their qualities with them to help us with current steps or issues, and fade back into the background once we have mastered a phase of life. For example, the power animal bat points out that we should dedicate ourselves to the meaning of life and keep an inner lookout. The bat can teach us to perceive vibrations and energies accurately, brings us into contact with the ancestors and their issues and shows the difference between darkness and gloom. If there is a lack of courage for certain necessary steps, a bear could show itself as a helper animal. The bear strengthens one’s self-confidence and shows how to grow a “thick skin”. We can connect with its strength, with its calmness and motherliness, but also with its good intuition. There are helper power animals that take on certain tasks in mediumistic work and come along all by themselves in a phase of our life, because we can accept and use their services in our vocation, like the dragon, who can help with energy work with the transforming power of fire.

Power animals are also assigned to the different elements such as earth, fire, air and water.

Each animal also brings with it certain power affirmations that are correspondingly strengthening if we keep reminding ourselves of them.
Gate power animals can also be found among the animal spirits. According to the shamans, these animal spirits guard the energy centres, the main chakras in the human system. If the shamanic practitioner makes contact with these gateway animal guardians, he can find out through inner feeling, seeing and communicating where energies are lacking, what issues are stored in the respective chakra that weaken it, and at the same time he is told what is needed to balance or strengthen it, or what the person should implement in this area.

About the author

Christiane Krieg is an author, medial coach, trainer in animal communication and shamanic work.

This article was originally published on the German website: Krafttiere

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