The Revolution of the Soul

Guide to an awakened culture of all-connectedness

Author: Nora Philine Hansing

Issue No: 95

A child of the New Age and author Nora Philine Hansing proclaimed this year the movement called “The Revolution of the Soul” to remind people of their creative power and truth stored in their souls and to awaken them to new life. How the awakening of a new soul culture can succeed, she describes with soul-touching words in the following article.

Let us imagine for a moment a world in which all human beings live in harmony with each other and in agreement with all living beings on earth – a world of all-connectedness in which love, peace and truth are our self-evident, guiding instances.
Let us imagine how the present chaos of the world surface, the structures of political and economic doom, fall away from us and how we awaken into the active fulfilment of a vision, shaped and realised by the formative creative power of each one of us. A vision in which we live, feel and act from the centre of ourselves, unveiled by constructs of the mind that do not even touch the truth of being. A world guided by the wisdom and power of our souls.
A utopia… or so it seemed until now.
But now we go further inwardly and spiritually and connect with the certainty, resting deep within us, that this world is already reality.

A reality created and stored in our inner being, in the core of our soul.

A reality that has been waiting within us until now, unlosable, enduring through all times of chaos, destruction and disorientation, in order to now unfold through our conscious recognition. Now that we as humanity are unmistakably at the turning point towards an all-encompassing transformation of our common being here on earth.
It is our consciousness that creates the world we live in. And this world encompasses both our great collective world and the world that each of us chooses anew for ourselves as our reality in every moment. The great potential I want to talk about here is that both worlds are inseparable. The degree of our individual spiritual opening of consciousness directly conditions and determines the degree of our collective consciousness and thus directly the character of the world in which we live, which so often appears to us as the “outer” world, whereas in fact it is the visible expression of our inner worlds.
Here I would like to lead into what this contribution is written for: the path of the revolution of the soul. This means more precisely: the reunion with our inherent soul nature, which connects us with that greater truth and reality which we began to imagine at the beginning of this text.

The soul is that mental, spiritual essence within us that we have long suppressed from our individual and collective consciousness.

It is that divine spark which we find in reflection on our true being, which radiates through our human being from within and connects us with the sources of creative power and vision. Connected with the world of all-connectedness, which has always been imprinted in her as the universal basic pattern that runs visibly and invisibly through all levels of the cosmos and thus also of earthly nature.

About the author

Nora Philine Hansing, born in Heidelberg in 2001, sees herself as one of the children of the New Age who have come here to remind us humans of our spiritual truth of the soul and thereby enable a healing transformation on earth.
Since then, she has always combined her personal spiritual perception and practice with the orientation to initiate us humans back into our soul energy by opening our individual as well as collective consciousness and thus to bring about a new balance of earth, nature, spirit and human being. Her own spiritual experience and connection with the inner soul truth are her greatest source of creation.

In 2022 her book “Zeitenwende – Dimensionen des Umbruchs” was published by Verlag Neue Erde.

This article was originally published on the German website: Die Revolution der Seele

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