Karam Kriya

Let the numbers guide you

Author: Paramjeet Singh
Each number has a certain power and spiritual significance. Numbers were there before we existed. Numbers can thus give us guidance in the cycle of life and in the dissolution of karmic patterns. An introduction to the mysticism of numbers.

“Karam Kriya is what I have so longed for: a non-man-made universal reference whose integrity is eternal, pure, and inviolable. A compass for the journey of the soul” – Paramjeet Singh

What is Karam Kriya?

Karam (Karma) refers to recurring actions according to the principle of cause and effect, which is equally effective for all human beings. What I do has predictable, foreseeable and unknown consequences for me and others. The human in-KAR-nation itself is KAR-mic, a consequence of past actions. Kriya means completed action, finishing what was once begun so that there is no further mechanical repetition or incarnation. Karma also means goodness and so this law reminds us again and again to learn certain things in order to transform them, i.e. to choose a new form.

The numbers were there before the first human and will be there when there are no more humans.

We have all made the decision to move as a soul into the temporary temple of a physical body to have a human experience. Therein lies the possibility of exhausting our karma to be liberated from the cycle of being reborn into time and space.


One is the beginning, the origin. One is alone, unique, solitary. It is solo. One is soul. One is the earth beneath our soles, which humbly bears all creatures. Everything begins with “Once upon a time.” In the beginning was one word – university verse. One knows no other. One is the original. All other numbers are copies/multiples of 1.

To radiate your ultimate being you need an inner core.

Two creates an in-between. Distance between two people can create desperation and longing, the need to decrease or increase the distance to relieve tension. Through the naive desire to override polarities, our lives are driven by an avoidance strategy (avoid pain, seek pleasure). The feeling of separateness from others and from ourselves is actually a lack of awareness of the non-separating expansion from our origin (1), because without 1 no 2.

There are 7 chakras, 7 days of the week, 7 deadly sins, 7 seals, etc. and in fairy tales there are often 7 of a kind. Most people refer to 7 as their favorite number. It seems to have its own fascination and is also called a “magic number”. This magic is largely man-made. Who has the authority to designate certain numbers as magical or less magical? These assignments vary between cultural and numerological systems and have no base outside of themselves.


3/7 Fake it to make it – Do this and make it
Fake it to make it is a helpful tool for establishing new habits. Suppose you want to meditate but don’t yet or don’t think you can, still. Sit down to meditate every day anyway and pretend you do. After 40 days, you will have established a new routine in your muscle memory as a base to further cultivate your awareness. A meditative practice helps us to break through the normal or semi-consciousness of daily life and perceive previously unimagined opportunities.


A Karam Kriya consultation is an invitation into consciousness, hence a conversation for change and healing through the remembrance of your soul’s permanent intention. Any issue can lead you into a Karam Kriya consultation and through the intelligence of numbers become transparent and transformative. Karam Kriya does not offer recipes, formulas, advice, quick fixes or promises of healing, but rather opens new inner perspectives and personal possibilities to meet your challenges in this life on your own. The approach is fully human, unconventional and future-oriented.

In fact, only 20% of our needs are material, 80% are purely spiritual.

The counselor acts as a facilitator to build a walkable bridge between your individual-limited self and your universal-infinite self. She is trained to hear numbers and their natural sequence in the language of her counterpart, and through her presence and attention, supports you in bringing to completion what you have begun or letting go of what creates infinite loops. Through the numbers she can ask questions that clarify and reconcile your inner contradictions.


Each number has its karmic and dharmic manifestations, which we call the virus and virtue of a number. Karma are habits that we serve, dharma are routines that serve our soul.

In total, your birth date results in five numbers (by cross-summing). Therefore day is the soul connection, your deepest longing that drives you. The month accordingly is the karma, habits to be exhausted or transformed into dharma. Then the decade is your gift, your potential to unfold in this world. The century is the destiny, the decision to stay awake and serve God in people, and the total number is consequently your path that you become through your words and deeds. For example, the number of your birth month is your karma number (November 1+1=2, December 1+2=3). The date of birth provides an important foundation in a Karam Kriya consultation.

Just as the calendar (man-made) month does not correspond to the natural cycle of the moon, our karmic patterns and actions do not correspond to the natural or dharmic flow of the soul. Your karmic number is a tool that can help you awaken beyond limiting behaviors, into your true possible humanity.

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Book Recommendation: Shiv Charan Singh – Let the Numbers Guide You

This article appeared originally on the German Homepage of Tattva Viveka: Karam Kriya

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